amin + h2so4

Kurtén, T.; Petäjä, T.; Smith, J.; Ortega, I. K.; Sipilä, M.; Junninen, H.; Ehn, M.; Vehkamäki, H.; Mauldin, L.; Worsnop, D. R.; Kulmala, M.

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The state-of-the art method for measuring atmospheric gas-phase sulfuric acid is chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS) based on nitrate reagent ions. We have assessed the possible effect of the sulfuric acid molecules clustering with base molecules on CIMS measurements using computational chemistry. From the computational data, three conclusions can be drawn. First, a significant fraction of the gas-phase sulfuric acid molecules are very likely clustered with amines if the amine concentration is around or above a few ppt. Second, some fraction of these acid-amine clusters may not be charged by the CIMS instrument, though the most reliable computational methods employed predict this fraction vĩ đại be small; on the order of ten percent or less. Third, the amine molecules will evaporate practically immediately after charging, thus evading detection. These effects may need vĩ đại be taken into trương mục in the interpretation of atmospheric measurement data obtained using chemical ionization methods. The purpose of this study is not vĩ đại criticize the CIMS method, but vĩ đại help understand the implications of the measured results.




Kurtén, T. / Petäjä, T. / Smith, J. / et al: The effect of H2SO4 – amine clustering on chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS) measurements of gas-phase sulfuric acid. 2011. Copernicus Publications.

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