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The molecular formula C6H12O6 (molar mass: 180.16 g/mol) may refer to:

  • Hexoses
    • Aldohexoses
      • Allose
      • Altrose
      • Galactose
      • Glucose
        • Dextrose (D-Glucose)
        • L-Glucose
      • Gulose
      • Idose
      • Mannose
      • Talose
    • Ketohexoses
      • Fructose
      • Psicose
      • Sorbose
      • Tagatose
  • Isosaccharinic acid
  • Inositols
    • allo-Inositol
    • cis-Inositol
    • chiro-Inositol (1R-chiro-Inositol)
      • 1D-chiro-Inositol
      • 1L-chiro-Inositol
    • epi-Inositol
    • muco-Inositol
    • neo-Inositol
    • scyllo-Inositol

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