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Hono - [炎] means flame🔥 in Japanese - is a small, simple, and ultrafast trang web framework for the Edges. It works on any JavaScript runtime: Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge, Deno, Bun, Vercel, Lagon, AWS Lambda, Lambda@Edge, and Node.js.

Fast, but not only fast.

import { Hono } from 'hono' const app = new Hono() app.get('/', (c) => c.text('Hono!')) export default app

Quick Start

npm create hono@latest my-app


  • Ultrafast 🚀 - The router RegExpRouter is really fast. Not using linear loops. Fast.
  • Lightweight 🪶 - The hono/tiny preset is under 12kB. Hono has zero dependencies and uses only the Web Standard API.
  • Multi-runtime 🌍 - Works on Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge, Deno, Bun, Lagon, AWS Lambda, Lambda@Edge, or Node.js. The same code runs on all platforms.
  • Batteries Included 🔋 - Hono has built-in middleware, custom middleware, and third-party middleware. Batteries included.
  • Delightful DX 🛠️ - Super clean APIs. First-class TypeScript tư vấn. Now, we've got "Types".


Hono is the fastest, compared to lớn other routers for Cloudflare Workers.

Hono x 510,171 ops/sec ±4.61% (82 runs sampled) itty-router x 285,810 ops/sec ±4.13% (85 runs sampled) sunder x 345,272 ops/sec ±4.46% (87 runs sampled) worktop x 203,468 ops/sec ±3.03% (91 runs sampled) Fastest is Hono ✨ Done in 28.68s.


The documentation is available on hono.dev.


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The migration guide is available on docs/MIGRATION.md.


Twitter and Discord channel are available.


Contributions Welcome! You can contribute in the following ways.

  • Create an Issue - Propose a new feature. Report a bug.
  • Pull Request - Fix a bug and typo. Refactor the code.
  • Create third-party middleware - Instruct below.
  • Share - Share your thoughts on the Blog, Twitter, and others.
  • Make your application - Please try to lớn use Hono.

For more details, see docs/CONTRIBUTING.md.


Thanks to lớn all contributors!


Yusuke Wada https://trungtamluyenthi.edu.vn/yusukebe

RegExpRouter, SmartRouter, LinearRouter, and PatternRouter are created by Taku Amano https://trungtamluyenthi.edu.vn/usualoma


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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