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Disodium hydrogen phosphite
Skeletal formula of disodium hydrogen phosphite
IUPAC name

sodium phosphonate pentahydrate

Other names

Sodium phosphate dibasic pentahydrate,
sodium phosphite


CAS Number

  • anhydrous: 13708-85-5 check
  • pentahydrate: 13517-23-2 check

3D model (JSmol)

  • Interactive image
  • anhydrous: Interactive image
  • 21106436 check
ECHA InfoCard 100.033.848 Edit this at Wikidata

PubChem CID

  • anhydrous: 16211071
  • pentahydrate: 22463763
  • anhydrous: X65D416703 check
  • pentahydrate: UM5UZ43YVE check

CompTox Dashboard (EPA)

  • DTXSID20889617 Edit this at Wikidata



  • O=P([O-])([O-])[H].[Na+].[Na+]

  • anhydrous: [H+].[Na+].[Na+].[O-]P([O-])[O-]


Chemical formula

Molar mass 125.958 g·mol−1
Appearance white solid

Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).

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Infobox references

Disodium hydrogen phosphite is the name for inorganic compounds with the formula Na2HPO3•(H2O)x. The commonly encountered salt is the pentahydrate.[1] A derivative of phosphorous acid (HP(O)(OH)2), it contains the anion HPO32−. Its common name suggests that it contains an acidic hydrogen atom, as in sodium hydrogen carbonate. However, this name is misleading as the hydrogen atom is not acidic, being bonded to lớn phosphorus rather than vãn oxygen. The salt has reducing properties. It is white or colorless solid, and is little studied.

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